EMiT makes medication information easy and accessible through the use of visuals aids, a medication list to stay on track and a way to log treatment progress to easily share with your healthcare team. Our team created a website and app to help transplant patients simplify life - by making medication information easy and accessible. Our solution is based on 3 principles: To educate effectively, medicate appropriately, and communicate easily.

My Role

I worked on the branding for the website and mobile app, as well as the user experience and user interface design for the website; wireframing, branding, high fidelity mock-ups and implementation with code.

Tools Used

Pen & Paper, Sticky Notes, Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.


The EMiT team participated in an 8 week long Hacking Health challenge, where we designed and developed the EMiT website and app from scratch, at the end presenting at the eHealth Conference 2016 where we earned an award for Innovation from Gevity Inc.

We have also received an endorsement from the Medical Director of BC Transplant and we will be doing a one year pilot at the kidney transplant clinic at St Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, BC. During this year, we will be doing a patient satisfaction survey to review the usability of the website and app and to receive further feedback from patients and the transplant team.

It is our hope to distribute this tool to other clinics across Canada in the future.